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Hey Hey! I am Abigail. I was raised in an emotionally, physically, spiritually abusive home as a child, getting married at the age of 17, into a toxic marriage that ended with divorce at the age of 23 with 3 young kids under 3 with no high school diploma, I found myself homeless sleeping on couches with no support system, I felt crazy, hopeless, alone and no idea what to do or where to go next. I found myself in a group for sex addicts and wives of betrayal and that's where my healing within started. I am now a Certified Trauma Trained Life Coach and SomatIQ™ Breathwork Practitioner. My purpose in this life is to guide YOU to know who you are, to trust who YOU are, that there is HOPE, FREEDOM, LOVE, ACCEPTANCE, PEACE, JOY, and ABUNDANCE. I am deeply honored to hold this space with you.

Surprise, Surprise, Arizona, United States



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Abigail is one of the warmest, kindest, most authentic person I have ever met. Her breath work is life changing. Her experience has definitely changed the projection of my life. I am happier, have less anxiety, and have gotten more from a session with her than years of therapy. She was so compassionate and it was a truly amazing experience. If I could give her 5000 stars, I would.
Adrianna Zaragoza
Abigail was attentive from the beginning. She made me feel comfortable immediately which is so crucial to letting go and really getting the most out of your session. She’s a gift, and joy to be around. She exudes positive and healing energy. The session was fluid and very releasing for me. Thanks Abigail for showing up for me, so I can show up for myself.
Heather H
I was nervous going into it as I’ve never experienced anything like this before but i would recommend it with Abigail 1000% I knew i was safe under her wing and she showed me a connection to myself i didn’t know i could have. Her presence and knowledge was so comforting to have and is just an amazing experience.
Lindsay F.
Abigail is an amazing breathwork instructor. Her presence and guidance during the sessions is amazing to experience. It’s like she can anticipate the emotion before it’s released and provide the support and presence needed in that exact moment to help guide me through. I can’t say enough about how blessed I feel to have found her to help me along my healing journey.
Hanna H
I've had multiple breathwork sessions with Abigail and am always blown away at how profound they are. Whether it's from the comfort of my home or in person, there is something so special and magical and transformative. Abigail is present, intuitive and brings safety to every experience. I know I can trust my emotions and my releases in her presence. You will leave feeling clear, peaceful and ready to tackle anything that comes your way. I can't recommend Abigail enough!