Courtnee Beasley

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I'm an old soul and I've always believed that there's more to life than what the eyes can see. My affinity for consciousness expansion has led me to study various forms of healing modalities over the years. It wasn't until 2021 that I took Yoga Teacher Training and really began to deepen my presence with my breath. This experience helped me realize a transformation in myself. Since then, I joined the amazing group of Somatic Breathwork Practitioners and continue the inner journey of connecting with the breath and our body's innate intelligence through somatic exercises. I continue to be a curious student of life, it's an honor to share the gift of breathwork with others and nothing is more rewarding than witnessing someone express authentically and shift into a new state of being with continued practice. Through life, I seek balance in movement, breath, and stillness. My breathwork sessions are an embodiment of that.

17348 West 12 mile Road, Suite 202, southfield, Michigan, United States



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