Hannah Schwoerer

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Transition chapters of our lives can be scary because we are being invited into the unknown, being asked to surrender control & trust…Tapping in using somatic tools like breathwork, Human Design & aligning to cycle, we begin to strengthen this ongoing conversation between the body & the mind. Between the intuition and connection to higher self. This phase, this calling to up level, may not always be easy, but I promise you it’s always worth it. Until we connect, be well my friend.

45 Pointe Place, Dover, New Hampshire, United States



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Attending somatic breathwork sessions with Hannah has been a truly transformative experience. She is so knowledgeable and shares valuable information and research freely! Her expertise and gentle guidance create a safe space for exploration and healing. I've noticed significant improvements in my mental clarity and overall well-being after our time together… also, a deep sense of peace and intentional rest that I so desperately needed while learning to move through heavy emotions and grief. Highly recommend for anyone seeking to deepen their mind-body connection and find inner peace.
I’ve had five sessions with Hannah so far and each one has been incredibly poignant while also being simultaneously relaxing and exhausting! Her guiding voice effortlessly creates an environment for maximum reflection and clarity. Her song selections guide us both into the present and the past while bringing peace for the future. Her follow-up discussion is loving and non-judgmental. I purchased 6 sessions and each month can’t wait for my next session! She holds space for me with safety and trust and I’m thankful for her work in my life because I always have some sort of breath through emotionally and physically!
Jose Escarcega
Hannah was my first approach to somatic breath work and I have to say WOW!, I had an amazing experience, the way that she guides and takes care of the process is amazing, being new to this I didn't know what to expect, I just trusted her, not only my body but my mind released a lot and I felt great afterwards, this is a process that works with your emotions, just let go. My mind was transported to a beautiful place while I was doing the work and I think that helped to let go of some complicated past issues, now I stop and do some breath work during the day thanks to Hannah, looking forward to do more sessions!
Diane Bednarek
I’ve participated in 2 Breath work sessions with Hannah and also observed one. She has exceptional presentation skills; clear and articulate speaking, perfectly paced to gently guide the listener. While participating, despite my discomfort with the process, I found myself experiencing super cool visions each time. So glad I found her!
Meagan Ford
I have done a group session and a private session with Hannah and both Breathwork journeys were absolutely transformational! Her presence is a perfect fit for this work and her guidance and explanation is exceptional especially coming from a novice! Would highly recommend working with Hannah!