Hind Berrouho

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Greetings! Pleased to connect our energies. My name is Hind, and I am an empath and a freshly certified Somatic Breathwork practitioner. As a healer and avid reader of psychology and trauma-informed techniques, I have embarked on a journey of healing and growth to recover from multiple traumatic experiences, depression and negative conditioning, having been disconnected from my emotions and true self for the sake of building a materially successful life. This impactful journey led me to experience breathwork and then discover my own vocation as a breathwork practitioner, aiming to heal the world and help people reconnect with their light through the power of breath and emotions. Coming from a very different background as an Information Technology engineer, breathwork has allowed me to find my true purpose. My recently launched business, Spirit Vision Technologies, reflects my vision for the future: To promote wellness by connecting to the soul and spirit in an ever-changing world marked by digital advancement. Let's connect and shed light on the shadows of trauma through the power of breath, so can elevate our collective consciousness and achieve greater wholeness within and without.

Casablanca, Sidi Belyout, arrondissement de Sidi Belyout مقاطعة سيدي بليوط-Settat, casablanca, Casablanca, Morocco



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