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Hello! Lamees here, and it is my pleasure to hold space for you so you can reconnect to the body, declutter the mind, find clarity and to just BE in the here and now. Here, we use our breath to release stress that has been suppressed and ultimately stored in the body through expression. I believe that people have the right to be heard. To express freely whatever emotions are coming up, whether, it is sadness, joy, anger, happiness…etc. There is no judgement to what emotions show up and how you express yourself. Providing a safe space is crucial; I am here to just bear witness to the beauty of your expression, and how by expressing and processing whatever may come up you start to feel safe to BE who you are and trust your body to heal itself again. 💛

138 Somerset St. W., (Old) Ottawa, Ontario, Canada



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Sondos B
Lamees has been nothing but thorough and understanding when it comes to personal growth. My first ever somatic breathing session was definitely a big eye opener for me and Lamees was the perfect guide. She helped me navigate and work through my emotions on a very personal and raw level. I feel so comfortable around her, her energy is radiant! I truly am grateful for having her be part of my healing journey and could not recommend someone better!
Going to talk to you about a really cool experiment I tried today.. So it is called “1:1 Somatic Breath-work session” - it was absolutely life changing like you think you breathe enough until you find yourself breathing in such a way that releases tension, hidden emotions, and lots and lots of trauma and unexplained anger. I don’t even really know how to express it enough but it was intense —At least my experience. The session was 2 hours its guided by an amazing breathwork trainer “Lamees” and she just has her own touch on it.. like she just knows the right words the right sentences and really made me feel super comfortable and it was a nonjudgmental zone so if you needed to punch a wall she has a way to let you release it. ‘Safely’ lol I found myself un layering so much of my past and it was just ready to leave me once and for all.. Really worth the 2 hours of deattachment from the world.. it was like a therapy session /gratitude/ healing from so many things.. I’m all about my religion did my research before doing something like this so I found that there was not contraindications but do your research and Allaho subhano a3lam- (if you are muslim). Many don’t know that I am diagnosed with depression and anxiety ever since 2019- so having something to help me on these difficult days and during my elongated depressive episodes makes a huge difference- along with all the amazing people surrounding me. Thank you so much Lamees! We think we’ve passed it but the saying is: “The mind isn’t obvious to its own self” ‎الحّمدُلله على كُل حال🤍