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Hi Sweet Friend! I'm Lena, Your Breathwork Bestie! I'm a Holistic Health & Energy Coach with a passion for helping other spiritual wellness seekers release the blocks that are holding them back emotionally, mentally, & physically, so they can show up as the most authentic and radiant version of themselves. Breathwork changed my life 3 years ago while I was experiencing debilitating pain and fatigue that left me unable to work. I saw many doctors who ordered tests and told me they didn’t have answers or it could be fibromyalgia. On a whim, I went to a breathwork journey I was invited to and for the first time in months I wasn't in pain. I learned that the traumatic events I had endured were manifesting as debilitating physical symptoms and before this I had no idea that was even possible! Since then, it's become my mission to share this incredible modality with as many people as possible. Our breath is the key to our life force, and you deserve to live in joyful alignment with your highest potential. Feel free to reach out! I can't wait to meet you!

735 Bethlehem pike, Whitemarsh Township, Pennsylvania, United States



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My group breathwork session with Lena was absolutely magical in every way. Her energy greets you and is a warm welcome to the unknown, but I felt like Lena held my hand through the entire Breathwork process from start to finish. Before we got started, She explained what the session would look like, some things my body may feel, And we got into a mindset with setting and journaling our intentions. Throughout, I felt supported by Lena as she guided a group of us through healing breath work, and as she made her way around, always checking in with us, I felt her tune in to my breathing especially. This helped make the group session feel more one-on-one. Lena is skillful, trusting, empathetic, supportive, and truly gifted. The sound bath at the end was transformational, and truly helped to ground the session and time. I would sincerely recommend Lena for any somatic healing or holistic healing modality!!
Ana Lee
Lena Summer's breath work and somatic release sound bath sessions are nothing short of extraordinary. Each session with Lena is a transformative experience that pushes you through blockages you didn't even know existed. Her unique approach leaves you feeling refreshed and aligned, almost like a rebirth every time. Lena's breath work is aptly named "work" because it challenges you to confront and release deep-seated tensions and emotional blocks. The process is intense yet incredibly rewarding, leading to a profound sense of clarity and peace. My favorite part of the experience is the conclusion, where Lena incorporates oracle cards, allowing you to reflect on the session's insights and messages. Laying in a cocoon of bliss, you soak in the tranquility before returning to the real world, better equipped to regulate and flow with life's challenges. Lena was born to be a healer. Her intuitive guidance and supportive presence make every session a journey toward greater self-awareness and well-being. If you're looking for a powerful, life-changing experience, Lena Summer's breath work and sound baths are not to be missed. Can't wait to try her cacao ceremony and yoga classes!
Katia Arskaya
I’ve done multiple workshops with Lena and it’s always an invigorating, yet relaxing journey. I really enjoy her weaving sound healing into her breathwork sessions - it adds an incredible depth to the experience!