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Hi, I'm Leslie. ‍ What motivates me is discovering what brings joy to my life. I am continually engaged in learning about myself, my conditioning, and my history, seeking to understand how to lead a joyful life. Raised to prioritize the needs of others above my own, deeply influenced by my mother’s own upbringing, I spent decades placing others’ needs ahead of my own as a buffer against my own fears. However, in 2021-2022, faced with one of the most challenging periods of my life, I underwent a transformation and began to find my path forward. I was led to realize that healing doesn't mean fixing oneself but rather rediscovering lost parts. For we are never broken, yet only stuck. Through Somatic breathwork, and therapy I reconnected with my true self, bridging the gap between my heart and mind. This reconnection initiated a profound journey of healing, unlike any I had experienced in my 42 years of life and over a decade in the field of mental health. Despite facing intense emotions and challenges, I learned to stay present and acknowledge my feelings without judgment. I tell you this as a reader because I too am human and am proud to create a platform where individuals can learn, practice, and grow using the power they hold within themselves. With a focus on self-worth and the importance of self-care, I offer virtual sessions, individual coaching, and a variety of therapeutic modalities alongside Somatic breathwork to meet you where you're at.

Old Lyme, CT, Old Lyme, Connecticut, United States
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