Mercy Buck

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In-Person and Virtual

The hardest part of being human, is being human. Through the study of our bodies language, we can allow our system the opportunity to speak. To release all the years of suppression, stress, traumas and interruptions. Connecting more deeply to the subtle micro state, that contains and creates, our macro view of ourselves, and the world one breath at a time. Working with me, will require you to do less, and allow more. To tap into your humanness and release the need to control or confine yourself into a label or box. You are a limitless, timeless being, let’s work together to clear your vision and connect to just that. 🫶M Mercy is a SomatIQ breathwork facilitator, Holistic Hairstylist, yoga teacher, meditation teacher, oracle and over all intuitive. She will help you free yourself from the burdens you bear and see yourself through new eyes.

Walla Walla, Walla Walla County, Washington, United States



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